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It’s okay.

I have decided to blog from blogspot from now on.

I’m currently working on capping Rainbow Moon Ep 1.
I have nothing up yet. Much later on tonight, it will be posted. around 3am? Tomorrow

I must say, I’m very impress with this lakorn–excellent character development, great visuals, amazing acting, and realistic story. For a cheevit (life-lesson) lakorn, it has been very entertaining so far.


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Thumbs UP!!!! Thanks Tina!

Tina, you thanked for me being patient when really you shouldn’t be thanking me at all. You’re hosting my blog for free and have even taken the burden of handling all the technical aspects. Stuff happens and I’m sure we will have many more technical glitches in the future but I’m confident my blog will always exist thanks to you BUDDY! Plus, I have discovered the power of backing up! HAHA. Nothing is completely lost. At first I was discourage, but I’m better now. When it comes to blogging, I’m very jolly. I don’t take it too seriously.

Currently I’m in the process of moving posts to I ♥ lakorns.com and unpublishing certain posts on this free blog.

In the future, if anything goes wrong with I ♥ lakorns.com, I will also come back to this free wordpress blog to write.

High-Kick you guys later! HAHA.

Click the link y’all.


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Need to Vent!

When it rains, it does pour doesn’t it? For me, that is usually the case.

Recently, actually this morning, my dad informed me about a problem at one of his houses. It just seems at one of his houses there is always a problem. Sighs. He used to rent out all three of his houses, but now is fixing up and selling one of them.

You guys remembered the one where someone trashed the whole place before they left. I hate people sometimes.

There is this guy named Kirk who lives nearby or his mother lives nearby…when my father was fixing up, he would wander over and help out by mowing the lawn or helping the crew. My father would pay him a little, actually more than a little. Roll eyes, I think my father can be too Zen and compassionate at times. While I keep my guard up with people, my father is always welcoming. He gives people a chance and never belittles them. He’s like the buddhist missionary. I really don’t know how he does it and most often I wonder how we share a genetic code.

So this morning, my father goes and inspect the house he was fixing up. Douche bag Kirk comes over and asked if he can live at the house. Lets be frank, Kirk is a jobless bum and most recently a homeless bum. He was court-ordered kicked out of his apartment and needs a place to live.

My father said “No”, of course. My father can be too nice at times, but he is not stupid. Why would he rent out a house to a person without a job and was recently kicked out of his apartment by the court.

Kirk retaliated to my father’s “no” by threatening him. According to my father, Kirk threatened to trash the house that my father has been fixing for 4 months. Like dude, what’s wrong with you? How can you be so self-centered? Don’t you see my father’s predicament. Why would he rent a house to a bum? He is acting like a child who didn’t get his way and he is a grown ass man. I really don’t understand people like him. Why would you bite someone who has been kind and paying you for the last 4 months. Just thinking about it now just pisses me off.

In order to calm the situation, my father didn’t say anything, fighting anger with anger just creates more anger. One side must give in or keep quiet to diffuse the situation. God! My father is freaking ZEN.

My father came home and laughed it off, “he probably taught I was a weakling Asian to threaten me like that, ha.”

Now, I’m worrying. Will Kirk trash or break in to our house? God, more court issues.

Blog issue and now this. When will it end?

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I heart lakorns down again.

Oh for the love, http://www.Iheartlakorns.com is down. It will be down for a couple of days until Tina, my webmaster gets back.


For now I will blog here.


When this happens, I feel discourage.

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Iheartlakorns Site down

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

–It’s seriously one of my problems.

Too much traffic(not really), too many big files (photo and music-most likely the cause), the host can’t handle it.

I should learn how to monitor.

The site will be down for 2 days until the next month, I need to upgrade, possibly.

See you guys in NOVEMBER

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It’s I ♥ lakorns.com



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Moving once again.

I don’t know. My blog is still down. I think I overrated in my earlier post, so I decided to set it to unpublished.

I called them, guy on the other end, ummm…long pause (like 2 minutes)….memory overload.

I’ll just move or maybe I should come back to wordpress free.

Tell me what you like, new domain name:
http://www.iheartlakorns.com or http://www.i-heart-lakorns.com

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