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Silamanee Ep6 PREVIEW

I have not seen the episode yet. Looking at the the screen caps, I do have an inkling how it went down.



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This sucks, I just found out today that “Gaew Lom Phet” is pushed back to next week. It will air on November 25th rather than today. I really wanted to watch it.

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New CH7 lakorns for DECEMBER

I know, time does fly in lakorn world. A lakorn usually airs for one month or a month and a half. Not long compared to their Chinese or Japanese counterparts which airs for 2 months or more.


Airing December 16 and replacing Tong and Film’s “Sanae Nang Ngiew” is “Plik Fah Lae Tawan (Turning of the heavens and the Sun) starring Tle Thanapol, Charm Osathanond, Rangsit Sirananon, Aimee Morakot, Jirawat Sudtapunya (not pictured), and Pantitha Puwijaan Cowell. It’s an action lakorn with 3 couples. It kinda reminds me of “Kom Faek”.


Airing December 3 is Jao Ying Lum Sing” starring Pinky Savika and New Wongsakorn. It’s a romance comedy about a young princess who wants to be a Thai country singer.


Airing December 19 is “Montra Haeng Ruk” starring Stefan Sunti, Jui Warattaya, Aimee Morakot, and Kelly Thanapat. A lakorn about two different types of love.

I might watch it, little GINO is gonna be in it.

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I didn’t do caps for ep33 and 34 because I didn’t want to. LOL. I was just not in the mood to cap when my blog was down, I was too pissed off. I probably highlight some key parts some time later.
For now, I’ll just skip to the end.

If I had to give an advice on how to watch Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar I would have to say, skip the first half of the series ep 1-22 and just watch ep 23 and onwards. I thought the first half of KLKS was so pointless and dull. Most of the time, I had to slap myself silly to stay awake and lakorns are suppose to entertain! What lies!

Hold up, 2 episode out of 35 that’s not half, it is almost 3/4. Dude!

Usually, lets say 90% of all lakorns end horribly–stupid hug at the end, stroll on the beach, long love epilogue that bore the living bananas outta ya:“I love you, No I love you, No, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, It’s okay, I love you, No I love you, Sorry for rawr-ing you, It’s okay, I love you, I really do”–Oh shut up already and roll in the ending credits please! I’m glad KLKS didn’t end like that, it was more family oriented and centered around Gun and Baan’s son. He was the centerpiece, representing the future happiness of everyone in Gun’s inner circle. It was very CUTE!

Here is the little guy yawning. (more…)

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No, NO, the picture above is not Bee Namthip pretending to be Dracula, it’s just a scene from the last episode of Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar airing October 1, 2008 for CH5. So, I guess I missed inform you guys about the air date of “Heep Lon Sawn Winyan”, it will air the following day on October 2.

In the end, the truth finally comes out that Nae Dao is a deceptive vixen and is dating Oum and was cheating on Gun. Her reputation and good girl image is completely tarnish and no one in the entertainment biz wants to work with herĀ  or give her work. Manager Bie doesn’t want to stay on a sinking ship so she quits her position as Nae Dao’s manager. Before parting ways, Nae Dao arranges a meeting with Manager Bie to make her incriminate herself about all the bad deeds they did together. Nae Dao hid a camera in the room to record their conversation but Manager Bie found it. She knocks the camera down and confronts Nae Dao. The once harmonious pair get into a violent argument, giving each other chokes and exchanging slaps.

Finally the cracked.

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Don’t worry ladies, Tee will find the SIM card and put it to good use. If Gun can’t do it, we will always have Tee to do the dirty work. Don’t you just love that!!?


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Mos Patiparn – “Khon sood tai (The last person)” , closing theme song.

Oh how I laughed! Gaye socked Oum in the face and kicked him in the nads today, too funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. In my head I chanted, “Do it again, Do it again!” just like a bratty little kid would.

Too bad Gaye got hit by a car near the end. What did you expect? It’s an Exact production, they love their slap and kiss, nang’rai beatdowns, and people getting hit by cars. It’s their thing, you can’t knock that.

I also couldn’t stop laughing at Gun and Bancha’s interaction at the hospital. I don’t think it was intended to be funny, but it was SO overly dramatic I couldn’t stop laughing.


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