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Holy Bananas!!! It’s going DOWN tomorrow (4/24)!!!!

Narin quits her job at the flower shop and disappears. No one, not even her family knows where she went.

Narin Coworkers: “P’Rin quit?!!!”

Leela:“Rin quit the shop and disappeared?”

Narin talking to some woman.

Woman:“Where is your boyfriend? How comes he doesn’t help you earn a living. Where is he?”

Somehow, Kawee finds Narin. While visiting her, Kawee realizes that something is wrong with Narin and goes through her stuff to find the issue. He discovers her bag of baby stuff. He sees a pamphlet about babies and pregnancy. Bam! Dude realizes that Narin is pregnant.

Kawee shouts:“Do you think I’m stupid? Why didn’t you tell me the truth?”

Narin shouts back:”Why do I have to tell you?!!!”

Kawee yells at her again:”SO I can take responsibility!”

Narin:“Stop bothering!”



I think Tom comes over and Kawee is pissed off. He starts beating Tom. Narin doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of Kawee. She makes up a lie to get rid of Kawee from her life forever!

Narin tries to pull off Kawee from Tom.Kawee pushes her and yells at her.

Kawee: “You’re so damn concern over him!”

Narin:“Because he’s the father of the child in my stomach!!!” MATCH POINT, TORCH!

Kawee stares at Narin in utter shock!

Narin:”It’s not your child!”

Kawee:“What did you just say?”

Kawee goes wandering off.

Kawee:“She’s not a good person. She is not a good person!”

Then Kawee sleeps outside in the rain. God, love sick Thai guys are just weird! Pat finds him.

Pictures from Thairath.com


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Rest assure ladies, it was not what we thought. It was previously thought that Kid was going to force Kawee into marrying Leela in order to get his share of the inheritance. Thank goodness it turned out false! The WIll only stated that Leela and her family can live in the house and no one can kick them out. If they are kicked out, the house goes up for sale. Kawee was not happy about this because he wants the mansion all to himself. Laawan, Narin’s mother wants to move out but CRAZY Leela wants to stay.

When Kawee asked the lawyer guy why his father changed the will, the lawyer tells Kawee that he doesn’t know. All he knows that Kid does not want a person named Narin out of the house. It just seems like this Narin person is very important to Kid, he tells Kawee. DUM-DUM-DUM– finally Kid does something for son. Kid recognized that Kawee truly needs Narin to evolve into a decent human being. )

Kawee in this episode is still a douche, he is still mean-spirited and hurtful towards Narin. I guess the good thing is that he showing a lot of concern for Narin’s welfare but can’t seem to show it in action. He is upset that she moved out, he is upset that she is avoiding him, he is upset when Pat tells him that Tom has gone to visit her at house.

Yep, Narin is pregnant now.
DONE!!!Narration DONE!!!

Watch it with ENG subs.


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Thanks to Kim, a visitor to this blog, I have discovered a website that provide spoilers for Sawan Biang with detailed dialogue.

Here is the site for those who are interested–readlakorns.blogspot.com (Not in English, Thai script only)

I only translated one part, the market scene. I’m not sure if I will continue because it’s a lot of text.


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Translated these spoiler summaries from CH3’s Sawan Biang Page.

—–I know Ch3 summaries are kinda lame. They reiterate the preview.

Ep. 8

Narin moves out of the mansion. She also quits working at the flower shop. She wants to completely distance herself from Kawee.

Kawee is very lonely and depressed without Narin. He goes looking for her but can’t find her.

Kawee seeks comfort from Sam and Pat. He tells them he feels a sense of distress and worry about Narin. –finally dude!

Ep. 9

Narin makes a visit to the doctor’s office and finds out she is pregnant. Narin is terrified about her future and doesn’t know what she should do.

Kawee finally finds Narin. He also finds out that she is pregnant.

When asked if he was the father, Narin tells Kawee that she is pregnant with Tom’s child. He falls silent and is devastated. Kawee goes to Pat’s house and drinks himself silly to drown his sorrows and regrets.

Narin distance herself from everyone. She rents a house along the riverside.

Pat and Gap (the brother?) went looking for Narin but can’t find her. They both tell Narin’s mother that Narin is pregnant with Kawee’s child.

Somehow, Narin’s mother convinces Kawee that Narin is carrying his kid and he needs do something about it. Kawee goes looking for Narin again. He promises that if he doesn’t find her, he won’t come back home.

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Caps and descriptions DONE but no grammar check yet. LOL>

Psycho bitch Leela finally confesses to Kawee that she loves him. EWWW…that’s your son. Well not really, he’s the stepson. BUT Still!!! EWWWW.

When Kawee passed out on the couch, bitch even kissed him. Kid witnessed the whole thing and almost had a heart attack. Well if he didn’t have a heart attack, I would have had it for him. Kid realizes that Kawee was telling the truth this whole time and his wife is a psycho bitch.

Also, FINALLY, everyone is starting to push Kawee away. Sam is giving him the cold shoulders when he usually puts up with Kawee’s tantrums.

Kid dies at the end (WOOT, WOOT) I think what killed him was Leela. When Kawee told his father that Leela kissed him, Leela lied in front of Kid’s face that she didn’t. Kid, who witnessed the whole thing, was heart broken. His son is a total douche and his wife is a psycho bitch. The weight became to much and he has a heart-attack.

Narin is starting to have pregnancy symptoms.

It’s so sad to see Kawee and Narin interact. Kawee doesn’t know how to show affection so he uses brute force to show it. Kawee really has issues.

Watch it with ENG SUBS.


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Okay, Kawee does not have a real job. He just loiters around harassing Narin for the heck of it.

Near the end, Kawee finally “r” Narin after several attempts being foiled by Leela, the brother, and the mom.

You gotta feel bad for Narin, she is the centerpiece in a brutal war between her sister and Kawee. Both sides are using her as a target to vent out their frustration and she is enduring all the grunt of the war.

Descriptions DONE but deciding whether to add more dialogue translations.

Watch it with ENG subs.


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Gosh another struggle/kiss scene and then a “r” scene.

This is how it’s gonna go for Wednesday or maybe Thursday….they will all be at the party, we saw in the previews from ep. 5. As usual, Kawee makes a ruckus with Leela. Somehow they start fighting about Kawee and his relationship with Narin. Kawee almost blurts out that they did something. Narin tries to stop him. Then, she runs off and Tom follows her. I think Kawee pursues her too. Kawee is deeply annoyed that Narin is with Tom. When she is alone, he yells at her for being alone with Tom. Dude is just jealous.

When they get back to the house, he sneaks into her room to get even. Kawee is like a hunter and Ann is like a poor defenseless lamb. He goes for the attack and she loses. You can guess the rest.

Struggle.Kiss.Struggle.Successful “R”–you get the gist.

2.)Source: Daily News

In this scene, Kawee is marking his claim on Narin. Kawee is jealous that some dude is courting Narin so he confronts her about it. Their argument and attempted kiss gets interrupted by Leela.

3.)Source: Siamdara

???????????????? –Please don’t do anything. haha, like he’s gonna listen.

?????????? – Please let me go!

In this scene, Kawee takes Narin to work even though she doesn’t want him to. He threatened to tell everyone about what they did at the beach house, so she grudgingly takes his offer. When they arrive at the flower shop, he successfully sneaks a kiss. Her boss witnessed the whole thing!!! haha. He also warns her about seeing other guys. If she does, something naughty is gonna go down! haha.

Random pics:

They did use a real baby. Girl?

awww…doting on his wifey

This is the scene where she is pregnant and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

More behind the scenes pics here>>

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