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We’re fine now.



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Nichkhun in Thailand

I’m still getting used to Blogspot. My first official post is about Nichkhun coming to Thailand. Screams

I’m still working on rainbow moon ep 1 Caps. yesterday I was trying to figure  the expandable post code or the “read more’ code on blogspot. I didn’t get until 1am. By that point, I decided to sleep instead of tiring myself over Rainbow Moon ep1 summaries.

By the way, Aom Piyada Akarasene is getting married to her boyfriend Art. No way! Yes way! This is according to MCOT news.

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Iheartlakorns.com Back up!

Okay, I ♥ lakorns.com back up.

This time, I will be more cautious about my bandwidth usage. I get 61.1 GB a month and I used it all. WOW. Is that excessive or what?

The primary issue was graphics, I have too many and they’re too big. From now on, I’m going to use imageshack to host my pictures. As for music, another bandwidth eater, I will still share but not use my WP player.

Also, I installed a hotlink prevention code to stop people from stealing my picture links and posting it on other sites, it’s a major bandwidth eater. I can’t believe someone hotlinked my picture files to Soompi. Dude, that’s like a major site with uber visitors, no wonder my site crashed.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. I’m aware of the issue and now I know how to monitor it. Cross fingers, smooth sailing from now on?? Hopefully!!!!

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