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I didn’t do caps for ep33 and 34 because I didn’t want to. LOL. I was just not in the mood to cap when my blog was down, I was too pissed off. I probably highlight some key parts some time later.
For now, I’ll just skip to the end.

If I had to give an advice on how to watch Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar I would have to say, skip the first half of the series ep 1-22 and just watch ep 23 and onwards. I thought the first half of KLKS was so pointless and dull. Most of the time, I had to slap myself silly to stay awake and lakorns are suppose to entertain! What lies!

Hold up, 2 episode out of 35 that’s not half, it is almost 3/4. Dude!

Usually, lets say 90% of all lakorns end horribly–stupid hug at the end, stroll on the beach, long love epilogue that bore the living bananas outta ya:“I love you, No I love you, No, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, It’s okay, I love you, No I love you, Sorry for rawr-ing you, It’s okay, I love you, I really do”–Oh shut up already and roll in the ending credits please! I’m glad KLKS didn’t end like that, it was more family oriented and centered around Gun and Baan’s son. He was the centerpiece, representing the future happiness of everyone in Gun’s inner circle. It was very CUTE!

Here is the little guy yawning. (more…)


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