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Brooke and Kob on again!

If I followed up on Kob and Brooke’s relationship, I would have no life. I would be too busy documenting whether they’re on again, off again, on again, his mother hates her, off again, they have a press conference declaring all is well, it’s on again, internet rumors saying they had broken up, off again. It’s just down right confusing! Or maybe I’m thinking about their engagement???

Current news, they’re still dating contrary to the break up rumors floating around on cyberspace. They’re dating but have not set a date for marriage. Okay, there you have it, it’s still on. For how long? I’ll give it a week or two before another break up rumor emerges. Should we bet on it? LOL

If you read Thai and would like to read up on their “We’re still dating” interview, click here. If don’t read Thai and would like to know the content of the interview, I can tell you it’s a lot blah blah excuses-“Oh nothing is wrong. We’re still together. I don’t know how that rumor got started because neither one of us released it…blah..blah. ” You know the drill.

Brooke Danuporn and his disapproving mother.

Brooke and Kob have been dating for almost 10 years. She wants to get marry, he wants to wait until his political career materializes (LOL, I wouldn’t vote for him) or maybe until his mother approves. Which one, I don’t know and I highly doubt we will ever know.

I clearly don’t understand why they are waiting this long. It’s plainly obvious that she wants to get marry and it is Brooke who is stalling the progress of marriage. She is not getting any younger, Kob is already 30. If they want children, their chances of having a healthy baby decreases as Kob gets older. If he loves her, he should grow some balls and marry her. If not, cut her loose. Stop wasting time, guy.

I can’t believe he wants to be a politician when he can’t even make a decisive decision in his own life. How in the heck are you going to lead a country with indecisiveness?

If his mother truly hates Kob, so what? His mother dearest doesn’t have to live or sleep with Kob, he does. Dude needs to be a man. At this rate, he is just pitiful.


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Kob turns 30.

Actress and Thai host Kob Suvanant Kongying turns 30 today.

Note: found these pictures at pantip forum.

ummm….looks kinda dangerous.

Nice 3 wheeler Kob.

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Air date: March 10, 2008 CH7 (Mon-Tues)
Genre: Drama Boran (Period drama)
Starring: Vee Veerapat, Kob Suwanant, Jui Jiranan, Pok Piyatida, May….etc
English Title: “Slave girl”

Nang Tatis a remake of an early 1990s lakorn by the same name. I remember watching it but never completing it.


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