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And so they will be a kiss! A real one too! Sighs, if only the pra’ek was different!!

Coming up this Tuesday July 15, there will be a kiss between Namfon and Paul in their currently airing lakorn “Tueng Rai Kor Rak”. I don’t know how pra’ek in this lakorn got a kiss from nang’ek soon after he kidnapped her to his getaway island for revenge. Hm..how does that work? Shouldn’t this come much much later in the lakorn? How can she kiss a man who has been mentally and physically abusing her for the past few days?

But then again, “Tueng Rai Kor Rak” is a pretty crazy lakorn. For one thing we got a crazy pra’ek ( Paul) who is seeking revenge on nang’ek (Namfon) because of a car accident that left the woman he was dating at the time dead. Seriously, it was an accident! It’s not like she intentionally tried to killed her.

I haven’t been watching, just going through the Sarnworld thread, so I’m not even sure if nang’ek drove the car? Was it the insane gang raped older sister who drove? I know, someone got gang raped in this lakorn. Isn’t that all sorts of crazy.

He got a kiss after a few days of this…


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